A private five-star Game Lodge will be developed on Stillbosch around the main dam.
The management of the Game Lodge, Private Conference Centre and the Guest houses will be done through a central reservation system and the garden and house cleaning services through one service provider as well.
The game viewing activities and game viewing vehicles will be managed by one company.
The developer will also apply for Main Game Lodge and Conference venue approval on both Portions 180 and 179 and this for an amendment to the current conditions of establishment of the development through Metroplan.
The Private Game Lodge is planned over a cluster of 13 stands around the dam area between Bushbuck Close and Jackals Trot Avenue.  Phase one of the Lodge will be on stands 121 and 158-160. All of the structures will be linked through walkways and eventually will stretch over those thirteen stands including and up to 154 and 121.   Each stand covers a 2500 m² area and is therefore sizeable enough to have 4-6 different executive rooms of 100 m² with bathroom, some with inside jacuzzi and porch or deck area overlooking the bush.
The reserve is only a 40-minute drive from OR Tambo International Airport as well as a 20-minute drive from Woodlands Boulevard Mall. The Grove Mall is also very close by, approximately a 25-minute drive.
The lodges will be built and completed by the developer over the next few years and will grow as the demand increases. The Lodge development may later expand over a larger area which could include stands 148-153. The road section of Kudu Circle south towards the area of the lodge development and the conference centre will be fitted with a boom gate and security and will be for lodge visitors and guests only. This section of the common property will not be open to the other residents living in the estate, but the lodge restaurant will be open to residents. This road will run through the lodge and therefore will not be used as a drive through road, but as an access road for the lodge and conference section from both sides (from east and west). Both sides will be closed off.

Residents purchasing stands for residential purposes must note that this will mean that certain sections of the common property will be closed to residents although they are members of the Property Owners Association.